Enhancing your ATS is a waste of money unless you’re doing this one thing

By Andrew Gilchrist
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“OK, Google. Find me an awesome new job.”

Nearly 80% of online searches begin and end with Google–and now if your job postings and ATS haven’t been optimized for Google for Jobs (GFJ), they won’t exist for many candidates. You need to support it, quickly, or risk falling behind those that do.

Reduce Applicant Drop-off in Taleo

Ideally, you want to get applicants invested in their application as early as possible. This means removing any barriers that can get in their way, such as the Taleo account creation process. By allowing candidates to get further along in the application process more quickly, they become more committed to seeing the application through.

Don’t Push Applicants Off a Cliff

Job candidates may be impressed by the visually stunning careers section of your corporate website or your modern and engaging recruitment marketing efforts, but when they commit to apply, your old Taleo applicant tracking system can give them vertigo. InFlight can help fix the Taleo user experience and optimize it for mobile.

Where Recruitment Marketing Falls Short

With the combined pressures of organizational growth, retiring employees and an increasingly mobile workforce, finding and attracting strong talent has seldom been more necessary—or more challenging! That’s why viewing recruiting through a marketing lens has become so common.

Does Your ATS Play Nicely With the Modern Job Hunter Toolkit?

Don’t lose the battle for the hearts, minds and applications of today’s job seekers. Instead, make sure your ATS connects effectively with their most popular job search tools and draw them in. Today, there is no obstacle to integration, except knowing where to start and what your options are.

Principles of Social Media Recruiting

Are you killing it or being killed when it comes to social media recruiting? Here are 12 principles that will help you get the most out of your social recruiting efforts.

Mobile Recruiting: Why you should (and can!) love Taleo

If your Taleo or PeopleSoft applicant tracking system isn’t mobile-friendly, prospective talent will leave frustrated. InFlight Aura for Talent Acquisition also integrates all the popular apps jobseekers are using, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Dropbox and others.

Two approaches to global recruiting with Taleo

Tapping into the global talent pool is not simple. The complexity of hiring across multiple jurisdictions requires the right tools, starting with an effective online career portal and full-featured applicant tracking system, like Taleo.

Desperately Seeking Taleo Mobile Apply

Anyone who has ever applied for a job through a Taleo applicant tracking system (ATS), using a mobile device, immediately “gets” the title of this blog. For organizations striving to succeed in the competition for talent, the situation can be equally desperate.