Desperately Seeking Taleo Mobile Apply
By Karl Wierzbicki

Posted Aug 30, 2016 at 15:44 ·5 min read


Anyone who has ever applied for a job through a Taleo applicant tracking system (ATS), using a mobile device, immediately “gets” the title of this blog. For organizations striving to succeed in the competition for talent, the situation can be equally desperate.

As an enterprise employer, most likely you have invested heavily in building an attractive corporate brand and website to project the right image to potential candidates. You may even have polished up the landing page of your career portal and the job descriptions for your career site as well—but that doesn’t mean you’ve solved the Taleo mobile apply experience.

As soon as candidates move beyond your modern front-end into the native Taleo experience, they quickly realize it was all just window dressing.

Barriers to Optimizing Taleo for Mobile Job Applications

Like many enterprise applicant tracking systems, Taleo places technical hurdles in the way of updating and improving the mobile job application process and mobilizing core ATS pages. These technical handcuffs make it difficult to modify anything beyond the surface layers of the candidate experience.

Unfortunately, the result is misery for anyone wanting to use a mobile device to apply through a Taleo ATS. No doubt, it also leads to lost candidates, who abandon the process when it becomes unmanageable.

Any organization paying attention to the increasing use of mobile for job search and application knows that providing a good candidate experience on mobile devices is now critical. And yet, many are implementing superficial solutions; like optimizing the corporate site and careers page for mobile, without addressing everything that happens after a candidate decides to apply.

More often than not, whether they rely on internal IT resources or third party vendors, most organizations only address the tip of the iceberg and no effort is made to simplify the rest of the application process.

No Taleo Mobile Job Applications: What it Means for Candidates

Attracting talent with a great mobile website and career page, and then abandoning them to the native Taleo experience, designed for broadband and desktop computing, leaves candidates feeling frustrated and deceived. In essence, it means that your great first impression is soon shattered by a painful mobile application process, riddled with:

  • Inconsistent Screen Design
  • Complicated Activity Flow
  • Duplicate Data Entry
  • Excessive Zooming and Panning
  • Busy Screens Full of Tiny Print
  • And Way Too Many Clicks!

That is no way to treat a valued candidate! Some companies console themselves with the notion that the most dedicated and committed applicants will push through a painful application process. But when they do, they are fooling themselves.

In fact, the best candidates have the least patience when it comes completing online applications. As high as 60% of online job applications are abandoned because the process is too lengthy or complicated. Add a dysfunctional mobile interface and that number escalates.

An Incomplete Taleo Mobile Solution is No Solution

There is a growing realization among organizations using Taleo that something must be done to provide an effective Taleo mobile job application process. In response, a number of solutions have surfaced in an attempt to take on the challenge.

Most of these solutions address only the static pages as described above, leaving candidates to struggle through the standard Taleo experience, which was never meant for mobile, once they choose to apply.

Some vendors do go deeper, but often in risky and cumbersome ways. Essentially, they extract information from your system of record and recreate a parallel, mobile friendly site. While enhancing the candidate’s mobile job application experience, this approach creates unacceptable levels of security risk.

And then there are those who do their work on platform, with varying degrees of effectiveness. The candidate’s Taleo mobile experience may well be enhanced, and your data may be more secure, but this approach is something of a “black box” which leaves you dependent on the vendor for updates and edits.

Found: Taleo Mobile Job Applications

Fortunately, there is a complete, secure, fully manageable solution: InFlight Aura for Talent Acquisition. At InFlight, we believe you should be able to leverage what you own AND deliver the candidate experience today’s talent expects from leading employers.

With InFlight Aura for Talent Acquisition, you get a modern, mobile-friendly interface that sits seamlessly on top of Taleo for fast, efficient access to the entire candidate experience—without compromising your security stack or existing customizations.

Only InFlight allows you to remove the handcuffs, giving your candidates easy mobile access to all of Taleo and enabling you to deliver a beautiful, branded Taleo mobile job application process.

Contact us today to schedule your InFlight Aura for Talent Acquisition demo.


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