Don't Push Applicants Off a Cliff
By Karl Wierzbicki

Posted Apr 17, 2017 at 13:36 ·5 min read


Job candidates may be impressed by the visually stunning careers section of your corporate website or your modern and engaging recruitment marketing efforts, but when they commit to apply, your old Taleo applicant tracking system can give them vertigo. InFlight can help fix the Taleo user experience and optimize it for mobile.

The Candidate Experience needs to be consistent

Let’s say you’ve posted a job for a high value role, like a software architect, a research scientist or vice president. Your recruitment marketing efforts find the candidate and entice them to learn more about the role and your company.

They click through to your website’s careers section. You’ve designed a great experience here: you’ve shot some high-quality videos with employees talking about your business’s general culture; your page has the right look and feel for your business. So far, so good. Your candidate is impressed and intrigued, and clicks through to begin the apply process—and finds herself on a Taleo page.

Did you just push your applicant off a cliff?

Lots of businesses recognize that they need to make a great first impression on potential hires. They promote their brand by investing in fresh, new recruitment marketing tools such as Smashfly or Hirevue. They create modern career pages offering lots of information about corporate culture and benefits.

They try to make sure that candidates have a great experience on mobile devices since 90% of job seekers use mobile.

Some companies have even made significant investments to revamp the job search and job description pages of Taleo. It’s a lot of work, but worth the effort and expense.

These strategies can get more candidates into the Taleo apply process. But eventually, every candidate lands on a Taleo page.

Enhance the Taleo Apply Process

That transition—from a great experience to a frustrating one—can be jarring. A poor Taleo apply process, and one that is not mobile-optimized, damages the investment you’ve made in engaging quality applicants. That’s the peak-end rule in action. Most people categorize an experience based on how they feel at its peak—good or bad—and its end. Despite your best efforts at the start of a candidate experience, a badly-designed application page can provide both peak and end.

InFlight can help. Our unique middleware bridges the gap between your recruitment marketing efforts and your Taleo applicant tracking system. You lose none of the functionality you rely on, while gaining all the usability your applicants need.

Defer Taleo User Account Creation

Up to 60% of job applications are abandoned at the Taleo account creation stage. InFlight enables you to defer user registration until after the application is complete. Applicants can complete their Taleo job application without having to create a user account or registering on Taleo. They are routed directly into the apply process.

Create Fast-track Applications without Changing Taleo

Get higher completion rates for key job reqs. If your job apply process is too long or has too many steps, applicants will drop out of Taleo before completing the application. In the past, creating streamlined, shortened apply flows for high value jobs meant a lot of work in Taleo. You would need to create and maintain separate career sections in Taleo for each different apply flow you wanted. No longer! InFlight enables you to remove steps from your Taleo apply process without setting up a separate career section or making changes to Taleo.

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