“OK, Google. Find me an awesome new job.”
By Karl Wierzbicki
Posted Nov 01, 2017 at 13:03 ·5 min read


Nearly 80% of online searches begin and end with Google–and now if your job postings and ATS haven’t been optimized for Google for Jobs (GFJ), they won’t exist for many candidates.

You need to support it, quickly, or risk falling behind those that do. To optimize your ATS for Google For Jobs, you’ll need to do three things:

  • Creating separate, crawl-able job details pages for each open position at each location
  • Marking up job postings with structured data
  • Sending frequent XML sitemap updates to Google

In many cases it will be hard or outright impossible to do these things with your ATS – and waiting for built-in support isn’t an option.

But, there is good news: InFlight is optimized for GFJ and can be easily added to your ATS where it will also help you convert the candidates that are visiting your job postings. InFlight makes it simple to find and plug the leaks in your ATS funnel so you can maximize conversion rates and get more completed job applications, faster.

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