When Candidates Are Clients Too: Protecting Your Brand Through the Taleo Candidate Experience
By Karl Wierzbicki

Posted Apr 27, 2017 at 19:15 ·5 min read


Imagine you’re applying to your first job with a major restaurant chain that uses Taleo. You discover the Taleo candidate experience doesn’t allow you to search for or apply to jobs using your phone without a lot of awkward zooming, so you go home to your laptop.

You spend a long time filling out the online form, and finally manage to upload your resume, but you can’t tell if the formatting is correct. Frustrated, you click “submit.” Twenty minutes later, you’re rejected, but you’re not sure why. Now you’re moving beyond frustration to anger. You text a friend to blow off some steam.

Will you be dining at that restaurant chain anytime soon?

How Are You Feeling?

The Taleo candidate experience matters for every company. But if you’re a consumer-facing business, you have an extra reason to care about that Taleo candidate experience and your mobile application experience: every applicant is a potential customer.

A Bad Taleo Candidate Experience Results In Lost Business

And your applicants’ emotions about your candidate experience, good or bad, will transfer to your brand. According to 2016 Talent Board survey, 41 percent of applicants who have a negative experience will take their business elsewhere. And 34 percent of applicants would share a negative applicant experience publicly, causing a “ripple effect” of impact on your brand. As social networking tools continue to move into the recruiting space, those numbers are going up, year over year.[1]

But there’s opportunity here, too. Eighty-one percent of applicants would tell their friends about a positive application experience. And 64 percent say they’d increase brand loyalty for a great application experience—even if they don’t get the job.[2]

Of course, most of those applicants are going to be rejected. You can’t change that. But there are smart ways to soften the blow and leave your candidates feeling cared for.

Getting to Great

According to Talent Board, people want three things from their applicant experience:

  • An uncomplicated application process. When Capital One introduced a mobile application process, they found 25 percent of applicants and 40 percent of referrals came through that new channel.[3]
  • A clear understanding of their status. Hyland Software lets applicants track the progress of their applications.[4]
  • More communication. The multinational telecommunications giant Ericsson recently launched Candidate Care, a portal where rejected applicants can learn how to improve their resumes, build personal networks, and polish interview skills.[5]

How We Can Help

If you’re a client-facing business, InFlight can help you create a mobile-friendly candidate experience that reflects and protects your organization’s brand. InFlight offers a way to refresh and streamline your Taleo and PeopleSoft applicant tracking systems at low cost, so the experience always feels modern, simple and consistent across platforms. Our innovative middleware allows us to incorporate the features applicants want, like social sharing, cloud storage, an unobtrusive application process and more. We can do it without touching the data in your enterprise program, whether it be Taleo, PeopleSoft Gateway, iCIMS, or any other software.

And we’ll leave your applicants feeling good about your company.

Contact us today set up a demonstration.


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