Reduce Applicant Drop-off in Taleo
By Karl Wierzbicki
Posted Jul 07, 2017 at 14:12 ·5 min read


It’s a seller’s market for talent. By that, I mean: the best candidates probably have good jobs already and aren’t actively looking for work.

So, imagine what happens when you finally entice a top performer to apply for a job with your company and the first thing Taleo asks them to do — before they can even apply for the job – is create a user account.
It’s commonly reported that 60% of job applications are abandoned at this step.1

It’s proof that your Taleo apply process needs to be effortless. Any little speed bumps along the way threaten to frustrate applicants and cause them to abandon their application. After all, only 12% of the workforce is actively looking for work.2

Reduce applicant drop-off at the Taleo user registration step

Ideally, you want to get applicants invested in their application as early as possible. This means removing any barriers that can get in their way, such as the Taleo account creation process. By allowing candidates to get further along in the application process more quickly, they become more committed to seeing the application through.

InFlight enables customers to defer Taleo user registration (aka. account creation) until the candidate has completed all of steps in the Taleo apply process. Only after candidates have provided all their information and uploaded their documents will they be asked to create their account.

Deferred Taleo account creation and so much more

InFlight does much more than simply move where Taleo user registration occurs. It also provides complete control over how Taleo looks, feels and behaves – all without requiring changes to your Taleo system.

Imagine creating a stunningly beautiful, branded and completely mobile-responsive Taleo experience without touching a branding file or creating a separate career section.

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