Where Recruitment Marketing Falls Short
By Karl Wierzbicki

Posted Mar 08, 2017 at 13:27 ·5 min read


Where Recruitment Marketing Falls Short

For many organizations, recruiting is more than a full-time job. With the combined pressures of organizational growth, retiring employees and an increasingly mobile workforce, finding and attracting strong talent has seldom been more necessary—or more challenging! That’s why viewing recruiting through a marketing lens has become so common.

This shifting focus was evident at the recent Talent Acquisition Technology Conference, where Recruitment Marketing was a key theme. Recruitment Marketing, defined as “the strategies and tactics an organization uses to find, attract, engage and nurture talent before they apply for a job…,”1 has become the recruiting strategy of choice for many organizations.

Recruitment Marketing Makes Sense

Steve Boese, HR Technology expert and co-chair of the conference, shares this about Recruitment Marketing:

Everything in business comes back to marketing, eventually, so it makes perfect sense that viewing recruiting as just another aspect of marketing has become popular – and essential.

Top talent has always had power, but now they have much more information than ever before – about your company, your reputation, and much like you screen applicants for ‘fit’, top talent is screening you right back.

Smart marketing can help cut through the noise and clutter and help you connect with your target audience, in fact, it might be the only way to connect with them in the modern, information overload age.

In response to this new reality, companies are recognizing the need for a strong employer value proposition. In most cases, they’ve also acknowledged and embraced the need to share that EVP broadly, across the many channels and platforms where today’s best candidates congregate. Both online and offline, corporations are pouring resources into wooing talent. Relying on intensive employer branding efforts and the distribution of targeted recruiting content across multiple social media and other channels, motivated employers are courting candidates, even before positions are posted.

It’s a shame their effort and investment is so often derailed at the point of application!

Bad Online/Mobile Apply Derails Recruitment Marketing

Despite the attention and resources lavished on attracting talent and encouraging candidates to apply, few Recruitment Marketing platforms include a system of engagement that extends into and through the application and submission process.

Just imagine the frustration of A-list candidates, enticed by the image of a progressive, tech-savvy employer, slamming up against the typical Taleo or PeopleSoft Candidate Gateway job application process on a mobile device. Not a pretty picture!

This abrupt change in user experience, at the critical point when candidates move from interest to active engagement in the application process, often stops people in their tracks. Such disparity, between the story told by an employer and the reality demonstrated by dysfunctional technology, creates a credibility gap that many candidates just can’t reconcile.

That’s why online and mobile application abandonment rates are as high as 90%!3

Integrate the Candidate Experience, End-to-End

To ensure your Recruitment Marketing and employer branding efforts generate results, the candidate experience must accurately reflect your employer value proposition from the first point of contact right through the job application and selection process. This means integrating your modern, mobile-friendly career website with an equally modern and mobile-friendly job-search and application process, so there is no jarring hand-off from a branding and ease of use perspective.

While this may seem daunting if you’re working with an enterprise ATS like Taleo or PeopleSoft Candidate Gateway, it doesn’t have to be.

Fortunately, there is an easy, cost effective way to create this type of candidate experience for even the most complex enterprise systems. InFlight can ensure there is no off-putting transition or gap in your process, by seamlessly integrating your existing technology with modern, online and mobile user interfaces. More importantly, we’ll do it without compromising your security stack or existing customizations!

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